New! Spaciousness

For the last few weeks we've been working on changes to the Mosaic design which should give it a cleaner, more modern feel, by adding more whitespace between certain elements. This will only affect a subset of widgets, styles, and layouts, specifically:

  • Grid and Carousel widgets
  • using Tile (with or without rollover) and Card item styles 
  • for most contexts where there are fewer than 6 items per row 
  • with a few exceptions depending on screen width and sidebars

This will be a platform-wide change, and we are aware that it will have a significant impact on existing sites. The spacing affected will be between items and also in the padding around text - this is likely to mean that text on items in Grids and Carousels will wrap at different places than currently. There is no change, however, to grids or carousels using the smaller, Landscape items styles.


History of Science Museum website - illustrating narrow spacing

Website illustrating existing narrow spacing on Grids


History of Science Museum website - Demo environment - illustrating spaciousness

Website illustrating new spacious layout

To give Site Owners a preview of what their sites will look like post-change, and a chance to feed back to the Mosaic team, we are initially releasing this change on our demo environment only. This review period will last for a month, until 2 August 2019, and we'd welcome your views (positive or otherwise!).

To view the 'spacious' version of your site, add 'demo-' to the beginning of your site's Mosaic web address (this is the one with '.web' in the URL), e.g.: 

Please note that the demo environment is frequently refreshed. If you notice display issues on the 'demo-' version of your website, they may be due the environment being refreshed. In this case, please try waiting at least an hour before revisiting the site.