Documentation in progress

The Grid is filtered by 'Page' content type > 'Page' subtype.

The Grid is ordered according to the order of terms in the 'Listing sort order' taxonomy.

When a page listed in the Grid is ready to publish as documentation:

  • Change the page's content¬†Type (in Details tab)¬†from 'Page' to 'Documentation'
  • Make sure the relevant 'Tell me about', 'User role', 'Editing area' taxonomy terms are applied
  • Remove the 'Work in progress?' taxonomy term
  • Add a menu link for the page: for the parent item, choose one of 'Site Settings', 'Page Editing', 'Manage Content', or 'Widgets' (as applicable)
  • Make sure the page's only alias is 'documentation/[page title]', e.g. the 'Share on Social Media' page alias will be 'documentation/share-on-social-media'
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