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User level (creating): Site Owner; Site Administrator

User level (using): Site Owner; Site Administrator; Site Editor; Site Author; Site Contributor


RSS feeds can be output on a page using a List listing, Grid listing or Carousel widget.

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  • Go to Manage Content > Feeds screen
    rss feed management
  • Click 'Create new feed'
  • Input a title for the feed
  • Enter the URL of the RSS feed. This must be the full URL, including 'https://'*
  • Click 'Save'

*RSS feed URLs can generally be found by conducting an internet search for the content provider and 'RSS feed'. Content providers that provide RSS feeds typically make this known to visitors by displaying the RSS icon (below), which often provides a link to the feed URL.

rss feed icon

Feeds can be displayed using a List listing, Grid listing, or Carousel widget.

  • Add one of the above widgets to the page
  • Under 'Content source' select 'Feed'
    feed selection
  • In the 'Feed source' dropdown list, select the title of the feed item to be used
  • Choose the item style for your listing items and other display options
  • Save the edits

Note: There can be a large variation in the quality and amount of information sent via RSS feeds. Mosaic will make a best efforts attempt at fitting images and content it receives into item styles.

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