Create an online presence with Mosaic

The Oxford Mosaic Web Platform can be used to create attractive websites, but Site Owners need to think carefully and creatively when choosing how to put the website together. This course will guide you in thinking how to use Mosaic effectively to build a website to suit your use. It will consider effective designs for different kinds of websites and introduce you to the various components and options available: to promote content attractively, engage users interactively, or simply provide information using filters and navigation. The course will also show how templates can be used to tailor the Mosaic toolkit to make it easier for content editors to create and update site content. Finally, a focus on the use of images and where further help can be obtained will help fully equip you to build a Mosaic site that really delivers the wow factor.

Intended Audience

Site Owners or Site Administrators responsible for setting up or redesigning a website in Oxford Mosaic.


An in-person classroom course mixing presentation and practical

Taught Using

A modern web browser

What You Will Need

The Oxford Mosaic web platform provides editing through the web using a modern web browser. This is most effectively done using desktops or laptops.

Please Note

Site Owners creating a new site on Mosaic may attend the course once free-of-charge. Bookings for other site administrators or editors is subject to a small fee. All Site Owners will be assigned a Voucher in the course booking system to claim their free place. This will appear automatically and Site Owners should click to apply the Voucher when booking to avoid a charge being applied.

Students and postgrads will usually receive a 50% discount on the advertised price.  This discounted price will show during the shopping basket process.


  • Understand the design and planning elements you need to consider before using Mosaic to build your website
  • Explore appropriate designs for your content by critiquing others’ examples, and experimenting with Mosaic
  • Understand how the components within Mosaic can be used to build your tailored design
  • Be able to create content-types and templates to simplify editing and control quality
  • Be able to use lists, categories and filters to build effective landing pages
  • Be able to source images and use them effectively on your site

Where Next?

Mosaic can be used without technical web skills but you should be comfortable working with common IT tools and software. It is assumed that you are familiar with the nuts and bolts of using the Mosaic tools (see

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