Hands-on Demo, 14 December

We will be running an interactive demo of the Oxford Mosaic web platform in the Isis Room, IT Services Banbury Road on Wednesday 14 December from 09:30 to 11:00.

The session will consist of:

  • Quick introduction to what Oxford Mosaic is and what it offers to help you easily build high quality websites
  • Showcase of the new websites just launched on the platform
  • Tour of the editing interface to demo how sites are easily built and maintained
  • A hands-on session for you to login to a demo site and try uploading content and have a play yourself
  • A Q&A to answer questions

You can book to attend by emailing oxfordmosaic@it.ox.ac.uk. If you wish to attend but cannot make this date let us know as we will run a further sesson on 25 January 2017 if there is sufficient interest.

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