Mosaic Functionality

wide range of widgets, including a variety of item styles

display background videos

content sharing

navigational structure (nav links down to 3 levels + sidebar + breadcrumbs)

content types/subtypes

taxonomies (content tagging)

filtering for content based on type/taxonomy terms

access restriction to SSO

integration with OU systems (Webauth; Symplectic; Jobs Vacancies)

add custom domains

delivered over https

workflow for content editing

shared search

reusable content items - reuse across your site and share for use by other sites

ability to add Google Analytics/Tag manager tracking IDs

create/manage redirect rules

page aliases: autogenerated and custom

granular customisation of colour and font settings

embed external content/3rd party applications

copy pages

page templating

ingest RSS feeds

ingest Twitter feeds

5 user roles, encompassing a range of permissions scopes

custom CSS and JS (per page/site-wide)

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