Pre-Site Request form text

Use the form below to request the creation of a new website on the University’s Oxford Mosaic web platform. You need to be a member of staff or graduate research student of the University of Oxford to request and own a site.

Sites may be created for: departments, colleges, research projects, academics, graduate research students, administrative/service units, cross-department teams, GLAM units, student clubs and societies, and other University institutions. Multi-institution partnerships may also have sites, including domain names and editors external to the University, so long as the sites are owned by an eligible University member.

Details of the Oxford Mosaic service, including terms of operation and responsibilties of website owners are provided in the Service Level Agreement.

Depending on the size of the site, it may incur charges: for details see the pricing information. All sites will initially be created within the Micro (free) tier: the section on Charging Levels explains how usage is monitored and charging tiers later assigned where appropriate.

Before submitting a site request, please note the following:

  • Requests should be submitted by the person who will be the Site Owner.
  • All requests other than those from student clubs and societies require approval from a Head of Department/Faculty Board Chair/Head of House or Departmental Administrator/Head of Administration and Finance/College Bursar. You should obtain this approval before completing the form; a copy of the form submission will be sent to your nominated approver.
  • The person who approves your request must belong to the same organisational unit to which you, as Site Owner, belong. Names of Owners and Approvers are held on record and must relate to the same owning organisational unit.
  • Requests from Student Clubs or Societies must be approved by the Senior Member associated under the proctorial rules with their society.
  • Consider the purpose of your site. If it is primarily to be a learning tool, or targeted to audiences internal to the University, you may find alternative platforms such as Weblearn or Sharepoint more appropriate to your needs. Outline descriptions of the various offerings are available via the IT Services Service Catalogue.
  • See our Plan a Website page for important tips on creating and managing your site. You should consider how your site fits into the wider University web space and ensure that you comply as needed with any branding or naming policies that apply to websites in your part of the University.
  • University policy applies to the use of Oxford domain names and to the management of external domains used on Oxford Mosaic websites. If you require a custom Oxford sub-domain, or an external domain, for your site you need to request this separately. See the page on how to Set up a web address for your site for details.
  • If your site is for a Research Project, assistance in planning your site is available from the Research Support team within the Academic IT group. See Add-on Services for details.

The request will be submitted to the Oxford Mosaic Web Platform team (via who will review the request before provisioning the site. You can raise any queries or comments in association with your request by entering them in the Comments box on the form. It may be helpful to your Approver if you indicate here the tier level which you expect your site to have.

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