Service Roadmap

The University is a diverse organisation and web publishing is an ever-changing landscape: as such we know that Oxford Mosaic will need to continually evolve. Here are a few things that are on the horizon and a little information on how we choose what to work on and how Site Owners can input into that process. 

On the horizon

Application embedding

It is currently possible to do basic embed applications within Mosaic sites using an iframe. We will soon be looking at ways to introduce more joined-up embedding of applications.

Save as draft

We plan to introduce a 'save as draft' feature, which will give better support for content editors making extensive edits to existing live content.

Bulk upload of media

Several users have asked for a bulk upload functionality, so this is something we'll be looking at.

Oxtalks integration

There are a range of applications that Mosaic could usefully integrate with. SSO and Symplectic integration are already in place; integration with OxTalks is on our todo list.

Future enhancements: get involved

Site Owners can have their say on the future direction of Mosaic by emailing suggested enhancements to If the suggestion is considered appropriate for the platform, a backlog item will be created for the enhancement, with a record of the requestee. Similar requests received for the enhancement will be noted on the item.

The Mosaic team periodically reviews the list of backlog items. The number of user requests against a backlog item will be taken into account when prioritising backlog items. In the near future we will be setting up a Steering Group for the Service, which will also input to the prioritisation process.
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