Configuring the cache settings for embedded front-end apps

When embedded applications are built with front-end code, they can be configured to remain available when the Mosaic back-end is offline for maintenance. To do this, use the following configuration settings.


In Manage Content > Embedded Applications, click the 'Edit' button alongside the app you are configuring.

On the app configuration page, scroll down to the bottom to view the 'Cacheable' setting:

embedded app configuration screen

Check the 'Cacheable' option: a new option for 'Dynamic loading' will appear:

embedded app configuration screen showing dynamic loading option

Check the Dynamic loading option and Save the settings:

embedded app configuration screen with dynamic loading option selected

What these settings do

The 'cacheable' setting allows the page in which the application is embedded to be stored in the cache. This enables the page to be viewable by website visitors when the content editing back-end is offline for maintenance. By default this is not selected, as most apps embedded on Mosaic sites require connections through to the back-end - so you *must* select this option in order for the page to be viewable in the cache.

The 'dynamic loading' option allows the app to run from within the cached version of the page. Without this being selected, the page will be cached with only a one-time snapshot view of the app, taken in the state it was viewable as at the point the page was cached. For the app to be fully usable to website visitors while it is being delivered from the cached page, this option *must* be selected.