We run two types of training course for Mosaic platform users

Mosaic Demo video

For new and prospective users

Note on course format

As part of our plan to increase the amount of online training content we provide, we've published a video of an online demo session to replace the in-person session.

We also recommend viewing the video which demonstrates the page creation process.


The video covers:

  • Quick introduction to what Oxford Mosaic is and what it offers to help you easily build high quality websites
  • Tour of the editing interface to demo how sites are easily built and maintained
  • Demos of using the configuration options to change a website's look and feel and widget configurations

If you would like try creating content and playing with the site's configurations yourself, we can provide temporary access to the Mosaic demo website, featured in the video. Contact us to find out more.

Online Consultations

For existing users with specific functionality and content build questions. New users should start with the Mosaic Demo

These are 30 minute one-to-one consultations, where users can ask members of the Web Platform team about queries they have regarding the setup or content editing of their site and get hints and tips for making and implementing optimal design choices for your website.