We run four types of training course for the platform. See below for information about each type, and view the listings on the right to book specific sessions.

Online Consultations

These are 30 minute one-to-one consultations, where users can ask members of the Web Platform team about queries they have regarding the setup or content editing of their site and get hints and tips for making and implementing optimal design choices for your website.

Drop-in Workshops

Drop-in Workshops are currently suspended

We will provisionally schedule the next Workshop for late in Trinity Term and will review whether the session can go ahead once the situation regarding the nationwide lockdown is clearer.

In the meantime, we invite users with queries to sign up for an Online Consultation instead.


For existing users with specific functionality and content build questions

To provide support to users of the Oxford Mosaic platform we run termly drop-in workshops at IT Services Banbury Road.

The workshops are working sessions for you to come and ask members of the Mosaic team in person about queries you have regarding the setup or content editing of your site. Sessions are held in our training rooms with a suite of PCs which can be used for you to login to and work on your Mosaic site.

The workshops run flexibly, as is most helpful for the needs of attendees, organised loosely around the following structure:

  1. An initial Q&A session to demonstrate answers to queries raised in advance and to respond to questions from the floor
  2. A supported editing session where team members will be on hand to assist you as you edit your site

You are welcome to attend one or both parts of the session and to come or leave at whatever time is convenient to you. It will be helpful, but not essential, if queries can be sent in advance so that we can group together common questions for dealing with in the Q&A session. It is not essential to book but we would appreciate it if you could let us know if you expect to attend.

Workshops are free of charge.

Hands-on demo

For new and prospective users

Note on course format

This demo is being converted to an online playlist of training videos, to make the information available in bite-size chunks, on-demand, at your desk. The first of these videos demonstrates the page creation process.

We'll provide links to the videos we're currently working on as an when they're ready.


We run regular termly interactive demos of the Oxford Mosaic web platform at IT Services Banbury Road.

The sessions consist of:

  • Quick introduction to what Oxford Mosaic is and what it offers to help you easily build high quality websites
  • Showcase of the new websites just launched on the platform
  • Tour of the editing interface to demo how sites are easily built and maintained
  • A hands-on session for you to login to a demo site and try uploading content and have a play yourself
  • A Q&A to answer questions

Demos are free of charge.

Create an online presence with Mosaic

For Site Owners and Admins to learn effective web design

This course is being updated

We are working on overhauling the content and delivery of this course. The updated version will be more focused towards providing Mosaic users with website building fundamentals and how they can be effectively executed using the Mosaic toolkit.


The Oxford Mosaic Web Platform can be used to create attractive websites, but Site Owners need to think carefully and creatively when choosing how to put the website together. This course will guide you in thinking how to use Mosaic effectively to build a website to suit your use. It will consider effective designs for different kinds of websites and introduce you to the various components and options available: to promote content attractively, engage users interactively, or simply provide information using filters and navigation. The course will also show how templates can be used to tailor the Mosaic toolkit to make it easier for content editors to create and update site content. Finally, a focus on the use of images and where further help can be obtained will help fully equip you to build a Mosaic site that really delivers the wow factor.

Site Owners creating a new site on Mosaic may attend the course once free-of-charge. Bookings for other site administrators or editors is subject to a small fee. All Site Owners will be assigned a Voucher in the course booking system to claim their free place. This will appear automatically and Site Owners should click to apply the Voucher when booking to avoid a charge being applied.

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