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Oxford Mosaic provides websites for a range of University units and activities, including departments, colleges, research projects, academics, graduate research students, administrative/service units, cross-department teams, GLAM units, student clubs and societies, and other University institutions. Multi-institution partnerships may also have sites, including domain names and editors external to the University, so long as the sites are owned by an eligible University member.

Before you get on with requesting a site, there are a few things to mention:

  •  You need to be a member of the University to request a website on the Oxford Mosaic platform. Requests for a new site should be submitted by the person who will be the Site Owner.
  •  Most site requests require approval from a Head of Department/Faculty Board Chair/Head of House or Departmental Administrator/Head of Administration and Finance/College Bursar. You should obtain this approval before completing the form; a copy of the form submission will be sent to your nominated approver.
  •  Consider the purpose of your site. If it is primarily to be a learning tool, or targeted to audiences internal to the University, you may find alternative platforms such as Weblearn or Sharepoint more appropriate to your needs. Outline descriptions of the various offerings are available via the IT Services Service Catalogue.

If that all sounds fine then go ahead:

request a new site
11/10/2019 14:25:54
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