An overview of the pricing for Oxford Mosaic is outlined below. For more detailed information see our cost model.

Charging Level

Four charging levels are applicable for the service:

  • Micro site - free!
  • Small site
  • Medium site
  • Large site

Setup of provisioned sites is free of charge* and the charging level applicable to a site is determined by three principal criteria: quarterly page visits; total disk space; and total number of pages.

All sites will be provisioned at the Micro site level. At the start of each charging quarter an assessment will be made of the current charging level of the site based on both the last quarter's usage and the projected next quarter usage based on the previous month. If either of these push the site into the next charging level for the first-time, site owners will be issued with a warning that if the usage in the next quarter is more than their current charging level they will be charged at this new level from that point on. Our hope is that this will help provide financial transparency while accommodating temporary spikes in activity at no extra cost.

* Setup costs will be reviewed as part of an annual charging structure review.

Additional Charges

The following service will incur an additional charge:

Static Site Export – We can provide an export of the currently published site pages and media and documents. As the time taken to do this is determined by the size and complexity of the site, this may be a chargeable activity depending on the size of the site.

Charging Cycle

The service will be charged in advance on a quarterly basis in line with the University financial year starting 1st August.

If you cancel the service, unless you request otherwise, it will remain operational until the end of the quarter it was last billed at which point it will be taken offline. The site will be retained in the system for a further 9 months free of charge at which time it will be removed from the system.


See our cost model for more detailed information about pricing:

Mosaic pricing