Ten good reasons to use Mosaic

Safe in our hands

Our platform is hosted in the cloud with Acquia who provide 24/7 support to help ensure your website is available all the time. Acquia host some of the most secure sites in the world and help us keep your site secure from hackers and script kiddies.

We have built our platform to scale: our architecture is based on plans to run 1000s of separate sites within the next few years.

Set up for integration and sharing

Oxford Mosaic allows you to share content between all other Mosaic sites (if you choose to allow it) as well as enabling you to search across multiple sites at once. Integration with the University's Single Sign On and Symplectic publications sytems is built in; integration with further systems is on the roadmap.

Built to be cost-effective

Oxford Mosaic has been conceived, designed and built to provide a cost-effective solution to the University’s web-publishing needs. Mosaic provides all the functionality commonly required for University websites, leaving you to focus your time and money on your content and the other aspects of the website that are particular to you.

Shared investment, shared benefit

Oxford Mosaic is continuing to evolve and improve, with both central and client funded enhancement projects. All improvements to Mosaic then become available to all users, regardless of funding source.

Oxford-only content restriction built in

Sites may need some of their content to be restricted to members of the University. Mosaic provides the ability to restrict access to Oxford-only on a page by page basis.

(For intranets, however, or sites with large amounts of restricted-access content, we recommend using SharePoint Online instead.)

Easy to use

Mosaic allows people with little or no web content management experience to build beautiful web sites that look fantastic on a range of devices including mobile phones, tablets, laptops and desktops.

A number of inbuilt content types make it quick and easy for you to publish information about your staff and students, articles and publications, news, events and more.

Become part of a community

There are already over 500 sites running on Oxford Mosaic with more sites coming all the time. We recognise the value of peer support and are working to ensure that Oxford Mosaic has an active and supportive user group.

A long term solution in an ever-changing environment

Web publishing is an ever-changing landscape with innovation often prioritised at the expense of continuity. With Oxford Mosaic you can be assured that you are part of a centrally supported service with a roadmap and a large and growing user base in the University.

Help is at hand

Oxford Mosaic is a fully supported web publishing platform. We provide dedicated support, automatic security updates, training courses and user workshops.

Flexible look, flexible use

Oxford Mosaic is designed to be flexible in both appearance and use. Mosaic contains functionality to cover a range of use cases, from department and college sites to research groups and projects. Mosaic provides the configuration options for site owners to style and brand their site as needed.


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