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Contact us with any questions, feedback or issues you are having with Mosaic.

We'll review your support request and get back to you as soon as possible. If your request is urgent and needs an immediate response, call the IT Service Desk on 01865 612345.

Please note we are unable to answer questions about the New CMS Platform project; please see the project website for details of how to contact the project team directly.

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When was the publication last changed in Symplectic?

It can take several days for Symplectic updates to appear in Mosaic.

See Publications syncing information for more details.

Request a change to a Mosaic site

Follow the steps in the documentation about setting up custom domains on Mosaic sites


On clicking 'Submit' your request to add your domain to Mosaic's SSL certificate will be sent to the platform team

The Mosaic platform SSL Certificate is updated every two weeks. When your request is received, your domain will be put on a waiting list and added to the Certificate in the next update


On clicking 'Submit' your request to enable Advanced Webform functionality (opens in a new tab) will be sent to the platform team


Go to your Site Settings > Site details tab > click ‘View your current usage and tier level’ to see an up-to-date usage report for disk usage and page count


Go to your Site Settings > Visibility tab > click ‘Request a change’ to send us a request to configure Oxford-only content restriction


Go to your Site Settings > Users tab > click ‘Request a change’ to send us a request to configure the ability to add external (non-Oxford) editors


Site Owners can request site deactivation by going to Site Settings > Site Details and using the ‘Request deactivation of site’ button. You can find further details about the process in the deactivation documentation.

An export is available to Site Owners after they have requested a site deactivation and before a site is deleted. See Deactivate your website | Oxford Mosaic. If you want to request an export for any other reason, please contact us.
There may be a charge for this service.

A Site Owner can request reactivation of a deactivated site during the 12 months following submission of the deactivation request. Please note charges may apply to the reactivated site. Please see Deactivate your website | Oxford Mosaic.


Site Owner details will be confirmed against the Mosaic site record.


Site reactivation follows the same approval process as for a new site. Information about who can be an approver is detailed on Request a new site | Oxford Mosaic.

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