Oxford Mosaic User Community

Welcome to the Oxford Mosaic User Community

The Oxford Mosaic User Community (MS Team) is intended as a place where all users of Mosaic, from site owners to occasional contributors, can come together to share site building expertise and tips, e.g.:

  • Share design ideas and good practice
  • Explore the features and options provided by the editing toolkit
  • Share knowhow on compliance requirements and how to meet them, e.g. for accessibility
  • … and anything else you want to learn or share about building better websites with Mosaic!

It’s for you

OMUC is available to help you explore with other users how to build good websites, using Mosaic.

It’s not a substitute for the Mosaic Support Service though. Members of the Mosaic team will look in from time to time, but we won’t regularly be following discussions and will often not see or reply to messages here. So, if you need to:

  • report a bug or issue
  • make a service request
  • raise a question not answered on our website
  • draw a new idea or suggestion to our attention

please contact us in the usual way and we will respond to you as soon as we can.

We’re initially trialling this User Group for a 6-month period (we’ll re-evaluate it in the long vacation 2021) and we’d be happy to hear your thoughts on whether you value the Group, or what would make it more useful.

You’re welcome to discuss any aspect of the Mosaic Platform or Service on OMUC, but please keep comments constructive.

UAS web editors: If you are a user of a UAS Mosaic website, you are welcome to make use of the group. However, please be aware that you must continue to follow the UAS website guidance, and maintain the consistent UAS style.

How to join

Existing and new users, and anyone interested in exploring Mosaic, can join by using the joining code below. Users need to be members of the University of Oxford.

By making use of the joining code, you are giving your consent for personal information such as your name, photo and University contact details to be visible to Team members. See further Privacy information below.

Joining code: gzr4gnp

In Microsoft Teams: Teams > Join or create team > Join a team with a code 


You are free to leave the Team at any time, and we request that you do so when Mosaic is no longer relevant to your role.


OMUC is a Private Team, i.e. accessible only to the list of Team Members. Access to Files and folders within the Team is also restricted to Team Members. The existence of the Team and its membership may be viewable more widely within the University. Membership is not moderated and may include University members with an interest in using or managing Mosaic who do not have a Mosaic account. As we cannot know when OMUC may cease to be relevant to a member’s role, it is up to individual members to remove themselves from the Team when it is no longer relevant to their work. 

OMUC members must at all times remember data privacy considerations when posting content: 

  • Do not post content or documents containing confidential/sensitive data.
  • Only share internal personal information – including names, IDs and email addresses – where there is need for this information to be known and if the relevant authorisation to do so has been given.
  • Researchers should bear in mind funding body requirements regarding data storage – Teams may not be suitable.  Contact Research Services or your PI for guidance.  
  • See the University’s data protection guidance for more information. 

The history of posts will be retained during the lifetime of the Team, in order to provide a searchable repository of the information and tips shared for reference.