Mosaic Gardening Week

Monday 29 April to Friday 3 May


Spring is finally here and in the Mosaic Team office the Service staff are getting their metaphorical wellies on for a new idea to improve the service support we offer to you: Gardening Week.

What are we talking about? - you may ask.

Well, while we are all in favour of organic growth - and it is great to see the steady stream of new sites springing-up and being built on the Oxford Mosaic Web Platform - we know that you appreciate the support information and service we provide that helps you make the most of the site building toolkit to create better websites. While we’re happy to answer your calls and respond to specific queries, we’re keen to spend some time developing more materials for you to find out information and best practice without needing to ask.

To help us focus on this, we will dedicate a week, from Monday 29 April to Friday 3 May, to prioritise time on developing a range of information and self-help resources for your use in our Service support ‘garden’. We will be working on:

  • Some Service FAQs to help you navigate the common steps in setting up and running your site
  • Preparing to release our Pattern Book website: a wallpaper book of pages showing specific layouts and functionality and the configuration settings you can copy to add them to your site’s pages
  • More documentation, focusing particularly on Widgets: what’s available and how to use them
  • Exploring a new screen-recording tool to provide short video snippets to put on our website which show you how to do specific things

We will update you on the Service items we’ve produced in the following week.

To give us the time we need to make progress on the above, we will be switching our focus for the week from answering support calls to service gardening. This means:

  • Support calls will be logged and triaged as normal, but if they are not critical, work to investigate and resolve them will be postponed until the following week
  • Critical support issues will be dealt with as normal
  • The Hands-on Demo and Drop-in Workshop on 30 April will run as normal

The result of this will be a delay in responding to routine support calls. While this is not ideal, it is necessary for us to get some focused time to develop service materials which will be of benefit to everyone. We appreciate your patience as we respond to calls in the following week.


If you have any questions or concerns about how this may affect you, do please contact us and we will discuss them with you.