Mosaic Release - 2.1.7 Release Notes

Version 2.1.7 of the Oxford Mosaic platform was released on 27 September 2018.

New features

  • Improved display of List widget Row without Separator item styles in narrow page regions - images and info boxes now scale down to 80px wide at viewport widths < 1600px
  • Improved display of List widget Row item styles at smaller viewport sizes - images and info boxes now scale down to 80px wide at viewport widths < 994px
  • Improved display of Grid widget Tile. Landscape - Square Image item style when 4 and 6 items per row layouts are selected - images now scale down to 80px when Grids contain > 3 items per row

Bug fixes

  • Search box is visible in mobile view when dark backgrounds are used in the header top bar
  • Improvements and fixes to Linkit functionality:
    • Where Linkit was causing node aliases to display in browser address bars, the user-friendly aliases for pages now appear
    • Internal links (using relative URLs; e.g. '/events') inserted using Linkit are now relative to the root of the site (i.e. the site URL), rather than relative to the parent page's alias. This fixes a bug which occasionally caused broken links to be created. See further information (below) for details of how this affects creating links to content.
  • Fixed behaviour that caused widget Layout options (listing/tertiary text; top/bottom margins; widget widths) to be lost when changes to a page's menu link were saved
  • Improved purging of pages from the server cache when using Shedule Publish - pages containing listings displaying the Schedule Published content will also be included in the server cache purge, meaning the Schedule Published content should appear in these pages' listings once the cache purge has completed

Further information

Creating internal links in Linkit

If an internal link (using a relative URL) is inserted using Linkit on a page which has a multi-part alias, the relative URL is appended to the site URL, rather than relative to the parent page's URL.

E.g.: On a page whose full URL is, a link to the 'Events' page is inserted using the relative URL '/events'. When the link to the 'Events' page is created, /events is now appended to, rather than appended to the '/article/' part of the parent page's URL. This means the resulting link to the 'Events' page is (which correctly takes the user to the Events page), rather than (which doesn't exist on the site and would produce a 404 error if used).

Known issue

Currently, Grid listings using the Tile. Landscape item styles display differing numbers of items per row to the number set in the widget's configuration options, depending on viewport size.

E.g.: A Grid listing using a Tile. Landscape item style can be set to display 6 items per row. When viewed at some viewport sizes (e.g. on laptops), the number of items per row is fewer than six. This behaviour is intended to prioritise the correct display of item content over displaying the set number of items per row.