Mosaic Release 2.0.10 - Release Notes

Version 2.0.10 of the Oxford Mosaic platform was released on 3 August 2017.

New features

  • Updated WYSIWYG to have a "narrow" layout option
  • Added thumbnails to the advanced fonts and colours settings pages to indicate what part of the page is affected by each setting
  • Added a WYSIWYG style for double line spacing in lists (Caution - functionality to undo double line spacing won't be available until the next release!)
  • When creating events, clicking 'Custom event date/time' will auto-populate the field with the event date/time in long format

Bug fixes

  • Fixed person profile photo uploader to allow you to set a preferred focal point
  • Fixed positioning of social media icons on tablets
  • Fixes to slideshows:
    • text was sometimes taking up too much of the slide width
    • background colour was sometimes showing below the slide image
    • next/prev controls are now centered (they had been placed slightly too low in the preceding release)
  • Fixed a bug in pre-filtered listings with exposed filters that enabled users to view all items rather than the ones that the content editor had pre-filtered on.
  • Fixed a bug in colour management that prevented 'info box' colours being saved
  • Fixed margin between widgets - margin top wasn't being applied to a widget if it was set and the widget above it also had margin bottom set
  • A drop shadow has been added to menus, likely only noticeable in white colour schemes
  • Top and/or left padding has been removed from various elements when their background colour is set to white so that they don't appear to be misaligned
  • Adjustments have been made to the alignment of items in the minimal header and in the sticky navigation menu
  • Adjusted left and right gutters (on the edge of page) to enable widgets to line up better
  • Reduced the gutter on mobile to enable more content to fit the page
  • Made styling updates to the slimline version of the search box: moved and reduced size of icon; removed 'search' placeholder text
  • Added an underline hover state to header links
  • Performance improvements to the caching of Symplectic content
  • Security improvements were made to the platform

Known issues

  • Slideshows that display multiple slides at a time are rendered incorrectly, with text squashed to the right instead of below. A bug-fix release was made on 4th August to fix this.