Mosaic Release 2.0.12 - Release Notes

Version 2.0.12 of the Oxford Mosaic platform was released on 7 September 2017.

New features

  • Content editors can now upload multiple files and images through the manage files page.
  • The manage files page now shows more information about the images such as alt text, captions and attributions.
  • Site settings pages display the full names of the content editors rather than just their Universtity ID
  • You are now prompted for a page title when creating content from a template
  • When adjusting colours for your site there are now lighten and darken options next to the colour selectors which will provide immediate feedback on whether your colour choice meets accessibility guidelines.
  • Some modules were updated to their latest security releases.

Bug fixes

  • You can now change display style for listing widgets when using quick edit
  • When replacing an image, made sure the new selected image is shown in the preview
  • Fixed instances where background image selections were not applying correctly.
  • Fixed some issues when revisioning widgets
  • Fixed Google analytics page request tracking to prevent logging of media browser and quick edit pages. 

Known issues

  • We are aware of an issue where some advanced accordions and tabs are behaving incorrectly on pages which have been created using "save as" and are working on a fix for this.