Mosaic Release 2.0.16 - Release Notes

Version 2.0.16 of the Oxford Mosaic platform was released on 02 November 2017.

New features

  • For sites that have Oxford-only content, site administrators can now control whether non-logged-in users can see links to Oxford-only content [further details below]

Bug fixes

  • Fixed widget selection list so that slideshows, carousels and image galleries can be selected
  • Adjusted application timezone to Local Time (i.e. London) - so that scheduled publishing occurs at the time expected by the user, not an hour late
  • Fixed positioning of event date so that it doesn't clash with title text when using listing image-text block style without an image 
  • A fix was made to Quickedit to ensure that a revision of the page is made after an item is edited in Quickedit mode
  • Fixed logic for replacing background image so that background image size requirements aren't circumvented
  • Fixed display of background image on sites that are configured to use headers and footers that aren't full-width - background image no longer bleeds out to the edges of the screen on such sites
  • Removed display of taxonomy filter details from collapsed widgets on the content edit page
  • Fixed alignment of top link for grid listing widgets that have no title
  • Fixed font awesome icons for tabbed content so that the fa- prefix is optional.  i.e. you can now use either 'fa-twitter' or 'twitter'
  • Fixed column width on Manage Files page, which wasn't wrapping its content if filenames had no spaces
  • Fixed column width on Missing Pages report, which wasn't wrapping its content if long urls were present
  • Updated search results so that they link to the primary alias of a page
  • Fixed ordering of advanced tabs and accordion sections
  • Adjusted cache time of 404 page not found pages, so that if an alias or redirect is created for them the page is resolved straight away
  • Fixed behaviour of the cookie compliance message so that it only appears once and doesn't keep returning
  • Fixed event date calendar picker for IE11 users

Further information

If your site has Oxford-only content enabled, a new setting will be available in Site Settings that allows you to control whether non-logged-in users can see links to Oxford-only content.

When enabled, links to Oxford-only content in menus, listings and search results will now be shown with a closed padlock symbol next to them.  Once logged in, the padlock symbol will be replaced with an open padlock. 

The new setting is available under Site Settings > Visibility.

Note that the default value for the setting is ENABLED, meaning a change in the behaviour of your site.  If you rely on non-logged-in users not being able to see links to Oxford-only content then you should disable the new setting.

Note that in either case, non-logged-in users will still need to log in to access the Oxford-only pages; the setting simply affects the visibility of links to those pages.