Mosaic Release - 3.0.13 Release Notes

Version 3.0.13 of the Oxford Mosaic platform was released on 21 March 2019.

New features

  • Grid listing widgets can now be given background images with anchor points to control positioning
  • A new item style 'Landscape. Text Centre Left' is available for use in Banner, Slideshow (advanced), and List listing widgets
  • Heading fonts and Body fonts are now available for all interface elements except Body Text (and Alternative Body Text in Advanced Font Management), which only has access to Body fonts
  • Font Awesome 5 free icons can now be used on your site
  • There are now text alignment options in Site Settings for Tile and Card item styles (used in Grid and Carousel widgets)
  • Link List items are now aligned with the left edge of the WYSIWYG they are contained within, this means they are vertically aligned with the title of the widget
  • You can now display the Content Subtype of items in Slideshow, List listingsGrid listings, and Carousels
  • 'Alert' and 'Warning' text panels have been added to the WYSIWYG Snippets tool
  • The corners of the Card item styles can be set to Hard (0px rounding), Soft (2px rounding), or Round (8px rounding) using configuration options in Site Settings > Site Theme

Bug fixes

  • Secondary Header Links colours now obey the Main regions > Top Bar colour configuration
  • Various symplectic synching issues addressed
  • Duplicate warning messages about AA/AAA Accessibility Standards no longer display in the colour management settings
  • Footer edit mode is fixed so the correct tabs are displayed when a Site Administrator enters Footer edit mode, and WYSIWYGs in the Footer can be edited as usual
  • The maximum height of the Breaker Centre Bottom has been corrected to 512px

Further information

  • Improvements to the indexing of items in the database have been added to improve editing performance
  • Upgrade to Drupal version 7.64
  • Security update to the Views Drupal module
  • Switch to ImageMagick Drupal module for image rendering