Mosaic Release - 3.0.21 Release Notes

Version 3.0.21 of the Oxford Mosaic platform, released on 23 July 2019.

New features

  • A new Dropdown List widget has been added. This enables you to create a quick 'jump list' of links to content on your site, either by filtering for specific types of content or searching for and selecting specific pieces of content
  • Menu item links can now be searched for and created with 'Linkit' (as used in most other link fields across Mosaic)
  • In WYSIWYG widgets:
    • A new "Horizontal bulletless list" style has been added to allow list items to display horizontally on desktop devices and vertically on mobile devices
    • The 'insert table' dialog has been simplified, removing unnecessary options and improving readability

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a longstanding intermittent issue which caused some widgets to show "Access denied" when attemtping to Quickedit them
  • Bug fixes to improve the speed of editing in two contexts:
    • the preview of embedded files in WYSIWYG widgets
    • adding lots of Static or Selected content items to a widget
  • The order in which Affiliate Logos are displayed can now be changed