Mosaic Release - 3.0.22 Release Notes

Version 3.0.22 of the Oxford Mosaic platform, released on 8th August 2019.

New features

  • We have made significant improvements to the way site headers display on mobile devices and small screens, to conform to modern accessibility standards and freshen up the look and feel. For more information about how to configure your site's header section, see Mosaic Documentation: Header
  • The top level menus can now be navigated with the tab key, improving accessibility for keyboard users
  • We have improved the way the images for the Oxford brandmark are handled, using the appropriate size of logo based on the screen's pixel density, so the brandmark displays more clearly on all devices
  • Cormorant Garamond has been added to the display fonts which are available on Mosaic sites
  • Font Awesome 5 has now been fully integrated into the Mosaic platform. Font Awesome icons can be used in various context on Mosaic sites (e.g. Social Media links, Header links, Tabbed Content headings). A full list of free icons available in Font Awesome 5 is available on the Font Awesome website

Bug fixes

  • We have changed the way files are virus-scanned when uploaded, which should considerably improve the speed of uploading multiple files without compromising the security of the platform
  • Dropdown link list widgets now remain at an appropriate width for the page region
  • When the 'Save' option is used in a page's Settings tab, you now stay on the Settings tab rather than returning to the published/draft page view
  • We have made some changes to the way we handle the feed of publications from Symplectic Elements, to make the syncing of publications more reliable
  • When pagination is used in listing widgets, the new page of listing results now anchor to the top of the listing widget; that is, when you move to another page of listing results, you will go to the top of the widget, not the top of the webpage
  • Filtered items with an item limit are now correctly applying custom taxonomy sort orders so that the right subset of items will display
  • The Landscape 50/50 item style is now displaying correctly in IE11