Mosaic Release - 3.0.8 Release Notes

Version 3.0.8 of the Oxford Mosaic platform was released on 17th January 2019.


  • New outline and fill button styles (configurable in Font management and Colour management) added to WYSIWYG link styles
  • New outline and fill Call to Action styles (configurable in Font management and Colour management) added to WYSIWYG link styles
  • In Site Settings > Site Theme, there is a new setting for Button Corner Rounding, which contains three options: Hard (square corners); Soft (2px corner radius); Round (8px corner radius and circular paginators on listing widgets)
  • Layout change to the topbar so that all elements align vertically, regardless of the font size applied
  • Content creators can specify a primary sort ordering for items in the Media Display widget. Secondary sorting by date uploaded (most recent to oldest) is applied by the platform
  • Header links have been split into two discrete sets: Primary and Secondary. Primary links show above Secondary link and both can contain icons with optional text labels. The number of Primary Header links is limited to a maximum of four

Bug fixes

  • Schedule publish date and time picker is now visible when schedule publish is selected in page edit mode
  • The width of date boxes for events in List widgets using the Row No Image style are now consistent
  • Videos used in the background of Banners and Slideshows now display at all viewport sizes without the video letterboxing being visible
  • Banner images show correctly on all versions of Safari

Further information

  • System memory caching configuration added to improve performance and reliability of the platform