Mosaic Release - 3.1.2 Release Notes

Version 3.1.2 of the Oxford Mosaic platform was released on 10 September 2019.

New features

  • Labels for metadata fields (e.g. "Location:", "Event type:") can now be toggled on and off across all supporting item styles, on a sitewide basis.
  • The display of event date metadata has been streamlined so that you can now switch between either displaying the date in the infobox at the top of the item, or displaying it in the item's content alongside other metadata (e.g. location) and listing text.
  • You can now highlight text within a WYSIWYG widget, and select different colours for highlighting.
  • The style of blockquotes has been improved. 
  • Embedded webforms can now be set to display as Narrow width.

Bug fixes

  • Issues with permissions which were preventing Contributors from creating certain types of content have been resolved.
  • Problems with widget ordering on templated pages have been fixed.
  • Webform display has been improved across full-width footer regions.
  • Call To Action buttons in WYSIWYG widgets now have their colour set correctly.
  • Problems with switching to Source view in WYSIWYG widgets have now been resolved. 

Further information

  • Drupal modules have been updated.