Mosaic Release - 3.2.2 Release Notes

Version 3.2.2 of the Oxford Mosaic platform was released on 24 October 2019.

New features

Another release containing only 'invisible features', as we continue to work on back-end improvements and groundwork for future functionality.  

Bug fixes

  • The bare 'HTTP error 403' page should no longer appear anywhere on your site -- instead, when you go to an admin page while not logged in, you should see an 'Access denied' page with your site's style and navigation, with the option to log in
  • The Templates tab in Manage Content can now be seen and accessed by Site Administrators
  • Iframes embedded in WYSIWYGs now respect text alignment

Further information 

  • We apologise for the outage on Monday, which was caused by hardware issues at Acquia (our infrastructure providers). We're working with them to understand the root causes and establish whether there's any way similar events could be prevented in future
  • We have been increasingly under fire from spammers recently, and while we're succeeding in blocking them, it's a frustrating and time-consuming process -- so we're also working with Acquia to introduce better automatic defences, which will free up our developers' time to work on more positive enhancements to the platform
  • Several Drupal modules have been updated