Mosaic Releases - 4.0.9 Release Notes

Version 4.0.9 of the Oxford Mosaic platform was released on 2 July 2020. It includes functionality developed for releases 4.0.7 and 4.0.8.

New features

  • We've added some new features to the recently revised Search functionality, including:
    • Section search (feature available on request) provides your visitors with the ability to search a subset of your site's content. You'll be able to specify what content is includes in the subset using the new 'Search Taxonomy'
    • We've added the ability to do a bulk update of the Search Taxonomy to allow you to tag multiple pieces of content at once with Search Taxonomy terms so you can quickly group content by these terms
    • We've introduced Search promotions, allowing you to make sure that specific pages and files are displayed in the search results when specified words and phrases are used in a search

Bug fixes

  • There were issues with Twitter feeds displayed using the Mosaic item styles not updating quickly enough. We've fixed this so listing content from Twitter is up to date when you view your website
  • We've fixed some teething issues with the new search functionality
  • Using 'Page down' on sites which have the 'Sticky Nav' enabled was causing the initial page scroll to move down too far. We've fixed this
  • We've fixed the ability to add audio files to WYSIWYG widgets
  • We've made a couple minor fixes to webform styling

Further information

  • We've updated some Drupal modules
  • We've made some technical improvements to our platform processes
  • We've made some security updates
  • We've renamed three widgets:
    • "Image Gallery" is now "Image Gallery - Tiles"
    • "Image Gallery Advanced" is now "Image Gallery - Featured Image"
    • "Slideshow Advanced" is now "Slideshow"