Mosaic Releases - 4.2.3 Release Notes

Version 4.2.3 of the Oxford Mosaic platform was released on 23 February 2021. It includes work done for version 4.2.2.

"And what about version 4.2.1?", we hear you ask. We named it version 4.1.7

New features

  • The majority of the work done for this release are accessibility improvements for widget item styles and webform fields

Bug fixes

  • There was an issue where Grid listings set to display Feed content were displaying at one item per row, no matter how much you preferred them not to. We've fixed that, and now they're obeying the 'items per row' setting
  • We fixed an issue where, in some cases users were not being redirected to the correct page after logging in
  • Fixed an accessibility issue to allow text only zoom to work on Chrome
  • Fixed an issue with the ordering of publications in the initial concise listing of the Publications widget
  • Sometimes the sticky navigation obscured page elements that were scrolled to using in-page links. We've fixed this so the scroll position moves a little further down, so the stick menu doesn't block the view

Further information

  • Several Drupal modules were updated