Mosaic Releases - 4.2.4 Release Notes

Version 4.2.4 of the Oxford Mosaic platform was released on 11 March 2021.

New features

  • We've made it possible to control how long pages stay in the server cache on a site by site basis (the default is still 7 days). This functionality is available on request.

Bug fixes

  • To keep up with the accessibility fixes, we tweaked the default colour settings of chevrons in some List widget styles to increase the contrast.
  • We've completed several smaller accessibility related fixes
  • We've fixed several issues related to the new way that listing items are being rendered, including: an issue where some listings were blank even though content should have been displayed; promoted item styling being ignored; image gallery captions area missing.

Further information

  • The Form spam protection tab is now visible in the Site settings of every Mosaic site
  • This past fortnight, we've done several bits of work on backend security