Mosaic Releases - 4.3.4 Release Notes

Version 4.3.4 of the Oxford Mosaic platform was released on 27 May 2021.

Bug fixes

  • The in-focus thumbnail image of the Image Gallery - Preview widget wasn't staying aligned with the featured image (the one in the preview panel). We've adjusted the styling to make sure the featured image and the in-focus thumbnail are aligned, so you know which image from the thumbnail strip is being viewed
  • The lightbox that should pop-up when clicking on the Image Gallery - Preview featured image wasn't popping-up. We've fixed it so that now it pops-up, which is useful because you can now choose to see the featured image in its full aspect ratio
  • We've fixed an issue which prevented listing widgets from sorting by custom taxonomy sort order
  • We've fixed an issue where the 'preferred source' for Symplectic publications listings was not being obeyed. We've released the code to make this change but it won't take effect until early next week (w/c 1 June). Once it takes effect, Publications listings will take into account which Symplectic sources are set as the preferred ones on your website when prioritising the display of publications records