Mosaic Releases - 4.6.1 Release Notes

Version 4.6.1 of the Oxford Mosaic platform was released on 1 February 2022.


  • We've increased the frequency of fetching data from Symplectic Elements (to update the Publications listing widgets) — to once a day (previously data was fetched every 2 days). This should mean changes to publications, once made in Symplectic, are displayed more quickly in Mosaic.
  • We've added a new Google font — 'Rubik' — to the supported font set.

Bug Fixes

  • Widget background colours (where they are used) were causing a usability issue on mobile devices. This has now been fixed.
  • Fixed an issue where embedded web applications weren't being cached, despite being configured to use cached content.
  • Schedule publish was running... ahead of schedule. We've thrown some wet ACMETM cement in front of it to make sure scheduling publishes content when it's supposed to.
  • The URLs of pages containing Publication widgets were displaying long query parameters (extra pieces of information added to the end of the URL). We've tidied this up so the URLs for these pages are much cleaner.

Further information

  • Drupal has been updated to version 7.87
  • Fixed the copying of images provided via the Shared Content. Previously, copied Shared Content would copy pages to a new site but not copy the images. Instead, images would reference their original versions (on the source website). A fix for this process was released in a previous platform update, however, the work in this update retroactively fixes the image references for already copied pages.
  • We've done some more background work on improving platform performance. We'll provide more information about this in the next release notes.