Mosaic Releases - 4.8.1 / 4.8.2 Release Notes

Version 4.8.2 of the Oxford Mosaic platform was released on 28th July 2022. This includes a delayed release of version 4.8.1.


  • The user interface for the Publications Listing widget has been improved: the distinction between the two types of listing ('brief list' and 'full list') should now be clearer, and you will only see options which apply to the type of listing you have selected. 
  • Line heights for section titles in Accordion and Advanced Accordion widgets have been slightly reduced to improve look and feel.
  • When the Site Owner is changed for a Mosaic site, a notification email will now be sent to all of the following:
    • the new Site Owner
    • the previous Site Owner
    • the requestor of the change

Bug Fixes

  • Two issues with Publications Listing widgets have been fixed:
    • accidental whitespace in Single Sign-On IDs no longer prevents those users' records syncing from Symplectic
    • the widget now correctly respects Symplectic's "Show favourites only" option

Further Information

  • Two Drupal modules have been updated