Oxford Mosaic Service is go!

The Oxford Mosaic Service is launched today!

With this launch the platform enters the General Availability phase. Since July 2016, Oxford Mosaic has been available running in Preview mode: launch of the Service puts the platform on a formally supported footing.

What this means:

  • relaunch of the Oxford Mosaic website, with the key information needed for prospective, new and existing Mosaic users and a shiny new design
  • a simple way to request a new site using our Site Request webform
  • guidance on how to plan, build and launch a website using Mosaic
  • support available through the IT Services helpdesk by email or phone
  • a new specialist training course from the IT Learning Centre; first session: 12 July

See our website for more information and the announcement on the IT Services website.

The Mosaic team thanks all the platform's Early Adopters for their useful feedback and contributions to Mosaic, and looks forward to welcoming new users!