Twitter update

What’s happened

Twitter revoked free access to the platform’s API on 9th February 2023. This change was later partly reversed.

During June/July 2023, Twitter temporarily blocked users from viewing tweets or profiles unless they were logged in. This change broke the ability to embed a Twitter feed/profile in a Mosaic web page.

How Twitter changes affected Mosaic

We have removed the option to add a Twitter feed to a listing widget because ongoing changes have made Mosaic’s Twitter feeds functionality impossible to maintain.

As at August 2023, embedding Twitter in an iframe is working again. However, as for all third-party providers, we have no control over what changes Twitter decide to make. There is no guarantee that this embed method will continue to work.

How to check Twitter behaviour

You can check whether login is required by going to any Twitter profile page (e.g. while not logged in to Twitter.

You can check whether embed works by using the embed wizard at to see if tweets are displaying in the preview. For example:


Further guidance about embedding third-party content is provided on our WYSIWYG documentation.