Deactivate your website

How to request site deactivation

  1. Go to the Contact page
  2. Select 'Request a change to a Mosaic site'
  3. Select 'Site deactivation' from the dropdown list
  4. Complete the required information and submit the request

What happens to the site when deactivation is requested

When the Mosaic team receive a request to deactivate your site, the following actions will be done:

  • The site ownership will be transferred to the Mosaic team. When this happens the previous site owner will no longer be able to access the site's admin pages
  • All registered users will be removed from the website. The accounts listed in the Site Settings > Users tab will be removed
  • The site settings will be changed to hide the site from search engine indexing. This means that search engines will be asked not to index the site; it does not mean that the site will immediately stop being displayed in relevant search engine results—it may take some time before the site stops being displayed in search results
  • The site will be hidden from non-logged in website visitors. When this is change is made, anyone who tries to view the site will see a "Website unavailable" message in their browser
  • Any custom domains for the site will be removed from the Mosaic platform's SSL certificate. Once this is done, anyone who browses to the custom domain(s) will see a security warning in their browser
  • The site's status will be set to 'Deactivated' in the Mosaic platform records
  • The site will be kept in 'Deactivated' status for 12 months from the date of the request. If the previous Site Owner or a Site Admin requires information about content on the site, they can send a request to the Mosaic team within this 12 month period
  • Once the 12 month 'Deactivated' period has ellapsed, the site and all content on it will be deleted from the Mosaic platform database. Once this happens, the content will be permanently deleted and can no longer be recovered