Site settings: Main screen

User level: Site Owner; Site Administrator


On selecting the Site Settings option from the black Site Edit Menu ribbon, the main Site Settings screen will load:

Screenshot: site settings, main menu


This shows, on the left-hand side, a list of areas of the system for selecting settings that will apply across the site. On selecting an area, the tab for that area loads and the options available under that area display on the right-hand side.

The first time Site Settings is opened on a site, the Users tab will be pre-selected, to allow the Site Owner to add other editors to the site.

Site messages

Immediately below the Site Settings heading, you may see a message in a highlight panel. This provides information about important factors that affect your site. For example, on initial creation, all sites are set to be invisible to search engines. This will remain in place until you unset this option via the Visibility tab.