Twitter application setup

Before you start

There are two options for embedding Twitter into your Mosaic site:

  • use Twitter's standard embed method — use the wizard on  to get an iframe code snippet, which you can embed in a WYSIWYG. You do not need to create a Twitter application to use the standard embed method.
  • create a Twitter application so your timeline can be styled using Mosaic's listing widget styles. Use the guidance on this page to create a Twitter application and add its API credentials to your Mosaic site.

To create a Twitter application and associate with your site, you need:

  • to be either the Site Owner or a Site Administrator
  • access to a Twitter account

To create a Twitter application for your site:

  1. In Site Settings, go to the Twitter API tab
    twitter api settings

    Twitter API credentials input fields in Site Settings

  2. Click the link to the Twitter Developer Platform  (1)
  3. Sign in using your Twitter account details
  4. If you haven't created a Twitter Developer account already, create one before moving to the next step
  5. Once you have a Developer account, create a new 'Standalone App' (this is done in the Twitter Developer Portal's 'Overview' area)
  6. Provide a name for your app and click 'Next'
  7. During the creation process you'll be provided with a set of API credentials — copy and paste the following two tokens to the input fields on the Twitter API tab (2):
    • API Key
    • API Key Secret
  8. Next, go to the 'App Settings' and navigate to 'Keys and tokens'
  9. For the 'Access Token and Secret' option, click 'Generate'; you'll be shown two tokens — copy and paste them to the input fields on the Twitter API tab (2):
    • Access Token
    • Access Token Secret
  10. Once the tokens are added to your site, save Site settings

Twitter feeds can now be created for your site. See the Feeds documentation for more information. 

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