Embed using upload from web

This is an example of how to embed third-party content using the 'Upload from Web' functionality.

  • Add a WYSIWYG widget
  • Select the 'Insert Image or File' icon and Browse:
screenshot of insert image or file icon on edit widget toolbar
  • Select tab labelled 'Upload from Web' and paste in the URL to the content you want to embed, e.g. Spotify playlist:
screenshot of upload from web insert file url field
  • Click Next. You can amend the file name to something more meaningful if you will need to find it more easily in the future, for example, to check usages on your site:
screenshot of setting to change name of inserted url and save
  • Save: 
screenshot of insert image or file interim save, next or remove
  •  Next. You can only select 'Display as Link'. Choose an alignment option. Embed:
screenshot of alignment settings and save for embedding image or file

This is how the embedded content displays in the Edit widget view:

screenshot of embedded Spotify playlist displayed in edit widget
  • Choose layout options for the widget as usual and 'Save draft'

This is how it displays on the draft page with no alignment: 

screenshot embedded Spotify playlist on published page

This is how it displays with right alignment:

screenshot embedded Spotify playlist with right alignment
  • Check the embedded content works as expected
  • Publish the page 

Content will appear in the View Files area of Manage Content on your site but won't consume disk space:

screenshot manage content view files area for embedded Spotify playlist

As part of your maintenance regime, you can use Show Usages to check where embedded content is being used on your site. For example, if you notice it has broken on one page and you need to address the issue wherever the content appears:

screenshot showing usages of embedded Spotify playlist

Please note, the Edit link in View Files doesn't enable you to change the alignment setting. The embedded content can't be edited in the widget by right-clicking. You would have to delete the WYSIWYG widget and start again.