How to embed SDS Figshare

Sustainable Digital Scholarship (SDS) Figshare is an example of a service available within the University which you can embed by generating a code.

The SDS platform is highly suitable for publishing, sustaining and collaborating on research data, especially on projects that expect to be adding or editing data into the future. Unlike a data archive, files placed on the SDS platform remain “live”, able to be edited while still being easy to cite and share.

SDS Figshare enables you to embed research data from the platform on your Mosaic site.

Refer to the FAQ about embedding content from the SDS platform on your Mosaic site.

Anyone with an Oxford SSO can use the platform, and embedding and sharing content is covered by the reuse licence.

You can access the code generator directly at the helper page. You can also access it via the SDS portal.

These are the steps you will take to embed the SDS Figshare content:

  • Go to the embed generator:
screenshot helper page for Figshare code generator
  • Grid configuration: select number of rows and columns
  • Optionally, select the Group ID of the group you want to use. For example, a Faculty, Department or individual research project
  • Click “Generate embed-code":
screenshot helper page for Figshare copy generated embed code
  • “Copy to clipboard”
  • Add a WYSIWYG widget 
  • Switch to “Source” view and paste the embed code
  • Save draft or publish

The embedded grid can be sorted by the end-user to show published research, views, or downloads:

screenshot Feedsax four column embedded Figshare grid with sort options menu

The end-user can also view the embedded content as a list. This example shows a list sorted by number of downloads (the figure in brackets):

screenshot Feedsax Figshare embed sorted by number of downloads in list view

You can access the FeedSax sample content on the SDS site

Video demonstrating how easy it is to embed SDS Figshare:

You can also embed content from the commercially available version of Figshare as explained on How to Share, Cite or Embed your items - a help article for using figshareThe Interactive Data Network provides an explanation of this version of Figshare.