Mosaic Release 1.2.1 - Release Notes

Version 1.2.1 of the Oxford Mosaic platform was released on 24 October 2016.

New features

Page listing widget

As with articles, events and people, a listing widget has now been added to allow you to create lists of pages. A typical use for this would be to list all pages tagged with a particular taxonomy term.

Customisable 404 ('File not Found') pages

The Navigation tab within Site Settings now has a field allowing a Site Owner to edit the title and text that is shown when a user attempts to visit a non-existent page. This can be useful to provide information about changes you make to your site, e.g. the new location of important pages which have moved.

Work in forthcoming releases will provide reports of the most common 404 pages to help you find broken links, or handle broken links from external sources.

Move a widget from one region to another

No more copy and pasting when you realise you wanted your widget in a different part of the page! A widget can now be moved between regions at the click of a button. At the bottom of each widget is a 'Move widget' button and a corresponding dropdown to allow you to select which region you want to move it to.

Enhancements to existing features

Automatic cache clearing of listings when an item is created or edited

When an article is created or edited, any page that includes an article listing will have its cache cleared automatically, so that an up to date list is displayed to the website user. The same applies to the corresponding listings for events, people and pages.

Ability to remove image from profile pages

A checkbox has been added to the metadata widget in person pages to allow you to turn off the display of the image on the profile page. The profile image will still be used in listings.

New fields in publications listings

Publications will now display editors, publisher, place of publication and number of pages, if this data is present in Symplectic.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed url aliases for pages that are created from template (no longer creates 'clone-' aliases)
  • Fixed issue that prevented new users from being removed from a site
  • Added year to the publication date that is displayed on article pages
  • Fixed issue that prevented Further Contact Details being modified by users who manage their own profile page
  • Simplified the number of fields that are presented when editing menu links
  • Removed 'customize display' tab, that was enabled in error for some users
  • Fixed the 'from' address for the welcome emails that are sent when a new user is added to a site
  • Improved splitting/hypenation of words when wrapped
  • Darkened the gradient behind text on slideshows to improve readability
  • Removed error message that occurred when resetting a taxonomy to alphabetical order
  • A number of fixes were made to the display of listing items in Safari

Bug fixes for mobile devices

  • Fixed issue that caused the Search box to immediately collapse after it was expanded
  • Increased resolution of logos on mobile devices, so that logos aren't pixelated when users zoom in
  • Fixed display of pagination controls for listings on mobile