Mosaic Release 1.2.6 - Release Notes

Version 1.2.6 of the Oxford Mosaic platform was released on 9 March 2017.

New features

  • Added a sitemap XML file at /sitemap.xml on each site where indexing by search engines is not blocked, to aid search engines to index site content
  • Added a human-readable list of all pages on each site, where indexing by search engines is not blocked, at /sitelist.html to assist the archiving robot ( to capture the content of Department websites correctly
  • Added logging of Page Not Found hits. A 'missing pages report' is now available from Site Settings > Navigation > Missing Pages Report. This lists the pages on your site users requested which resulted in the Page not Found, how many users requested those pages and where they came from.

Bug Fixes

  • Updated CSS to hide borders for iframes, so that embedded content appears seamlessly within the page
  • Fixed links in listing widgets for shared content - items now stay on the current site instead of redirecting to the site that items were shared from
  • Applied a fix for menu links which occasionally were not being saved
  • Added a warning message when creating templates for a Person content type so that the template creator is reminded to set the option to use filtered HTML if SSO editing is going to be used on pages created with the template
  • Fixed an issue so that when metadata widgets contain no data the space for them is removed from the webpage instead of appearing blank

In addition, various bug fixes and stability improvements were made to the platform administration area.