Mosaic Release 1.2.7 - Release Notes

Version 1.2.7 of the Oxford Mosaic platform was released on 16th March 2017.

New features

  • Added the ability to 'Quick edit' a page

Further Information

When logged-in on a website which you have permission edit, you will now see a new option on the black administration bar:

Quickedit toggle option


By clicking this option you can turn through-the-page editing On or Off.

When enabled, quickedit will highlight all of the widgets which make up the current page with a dashed grey border and offer Edit links next to a cog icon for each one:

Quick editing toggled on


Clicking on one of these Edit links will pop open the edit form for that widget and allow you to make changes:

Quick editing a widget

After making your changes and clicking Save, the widget edit form will close and the updated page will reload. 

Known issues

  • When editing media in widgets, such as adding images in a slideshow, clicking Cancel when adding or editing an item generates a "page not found". To work around this issue you can close the quickedit window by clicking on the cross at the top right and then click the edit link again to re-start the quick edit process.