Mosaic Release 2.0.4 - Release Notes

Version 2.0.4 of the Oxford Mosaic platform was released on 25 May 2017.

New features

  • It is now possible to have up to 15 custom taxonomies on your website
  • An additional header style called 'Minimal' (selectable in Site settings > Header) with related changes to:
    • Separate out Header and Footer options within the Site Settings area
    • Add a new 'Slimline' search box style, available in the Header settings
    • Add new Oxford University crest selections
  • Changes to the Site Owner role:
    • Prevent more than one Site Owner being assigned per site
    • Request a change to the Site Owner via a webform - available by clicking a button in Site Settings > Site Details or on the login or profile pages
  • Improvements to the Request a site" form:
    • Clarify and simplify the choice of options to select in drop-downs
    • Where relevant, send copies of the email sent to Approvers to Department and Division maillists
  • Update to the Responsive Preview functionality to show newer mobile and tablet devices to preview sites on

Bug fixes

  • Fix for a warning generated when saving Site Settings
  • Social media links which were not correctly rolling up in tablet or mobile views
  • 'Undefined property' warning which was occuring when quickediting a person widget
  • Various security fixes including automatic logout of users after 10 hours
  • Unchecking Site logo didn't remove logo from mobile view
  • Quickedit label for a simple contact form incorrectly said: "Edit Listing"
  • Site Admins couldn't see the Access Control tab when editing pages
  • Various styling and layout fixes across widgets
  • Various custom colour and font fixes
  • Default content for new sites was uneditable
  • Fix for an instance where two Home icons could appear

Further information

  • This release also included a module security update
  • Functionality was also added in the background, in preparation for future release, relating to improvements to listings.  
    • This includes the addition of new fields to the 'listings setup' section for pages, articles and events.  The new fields, called 'tertiary text' and 'call to action', currently have no effect and should be left blank for now.