Project Update - November 2016

Excellent uptake of the Public Preview

Since becoming available to Early Adopters in July this year, 28 sites have been provisioned on the Oxford Mosaic web platform, with 7 having gone live. A further 18 requests are in the pipeline. This early interest in the platform has come from a variety of the groups the project is targeting for the Platform, including sites for departments, research projects, administrative units, parks and museums, and cross-institution partnership teams. The live sites demonstrate a sample of what can be done with the Platform and can be seen at:

Service development and break in Public Preview setups until after Christmas

During Michaelmas Term 2016, the Project is focusing on putting in place the components, processes and resources to support the General Availability phase of the Oxford Mosaic Service, to be launched during the course of April 2017.

Due to the high level of interest in Mosaic and uptake by Early Adopters, the project team has been spending more of its time than anticipated in helping users to engage with the Preview service and in setting up and supporting sites. While this has been invaluable in helping inform the team's work as it develops the service, it has impeded progress on putting the service elements in place. Consequently, it has been decided to slow down the Preview of the service so that new sites will be provisioned only for urgent requests in the period up until Christmas. This will allow the project team to focus their work on the preparation for the fully supported service, such as developing the training materials, building the service website and recruiting the new service support personnel.

Retirement of the Pilot service

During 2015 a successful pilot of the Mosaic platform was developed and hosted on separate, internal infrastructure to demonstrate the viability of the project. Once the new production Oxford Mosaic Platform is launched, the owners of the pilot sites will be encouraged to move these sites across to the new Platform. It has now been confirmed that the pilot infrastructure will remain available and supported until the end of December 2017: after this time it will be decommissioned. Pilot sites will therefore need to have been moved across to the new platform by this date. Any sites which move across prior to this time will not be liable for any charges up to that point, to encourage sites to move at as early a time as is convenient to them in advance of this date.

Please note that only Pilot sites need to be moved across to the new Oxford Mosaic Platform; Preview sites will seamlessly transition to the fully supported platform once this comes onstream.

UAS site moves

Initial planning for the move of* sites, currently maintained in TerminalFour Site Manager, has begun and a communication from the Project's senior UAS stakeholder representative to UAS site owners will be forthcoming shortly.