Removal of inactive Mosaic users


To improve platform security and performance, we have an automated process to remove inactive Mosaic accounts. 

How do I know if my account is inactive?

If you have not logged in to a site on which you have a content editing role for 365 days, your account will be flagged as inactive. You will be notified that you have 12 weeks in which to log in to a site for which you have a content editing role if you still need to use this account. Site Owners will also receive a copy of this email as a prompt to review user roles and keep them up-to-date. Sites for which you have a content editing role are listed on the /user page. You will receive a final reminder 3 weeks before the date of account deletion.

What happens to my content?

When your account is removed from the platform, any content created by you will be automatically reassigned to Anonymous User. It can then be edited by any user who has permissions to edit another user's content (i.e. a user with any role other than Website Author). Refer to the users documentation for details.

What happens to my SSO login?

You will still be able to log in to Mosaic sites with your SSO to view Oxford-only (and, if you have the relevant permissions, staff-only) content. However, you will no longer have any editing rights on the site(s) where your account had been inactive.

How do I know the warning email is genuine?

We will never ask you for your SSO password, nor ask you to follow a link to a login page. To log in to any Mosaic site, go to the page at /user on that site, e.g.

I've forgotten my password / can't log in

If you have forgotten your SSO password, please see the IT Services instructions on managing your SSO password. If you have an external account on a Mosaic site and need to reset the password, please contact the Site Owner of that site (you can find details of the Site Owner on the /user page).