Add-on services

IT Services offer a couple of add-on services to support your use of Oxford Mosaic.

Support for researchers

If you're interested in building a Mosaic site for a research project or research group, the IT Services Research Support team can help you get started.

The team can offer a free personal consultation to discuss your requirements, provide a demonstration of the Mosaic functionality, and talk about how you can use the platform to best effect.

Additionally, they can advise on complementary services: they can help your research group create databases, and showcase data via a Mosaic site as interactive tables, charts, maps, or network diagrams - see the IDN website for some examples. Support is also available for creating surveys and embedding these within your site.

Contact the Research Support team at

Web design support

The Mosaic toolkit can be used directly by users to design websites without any assistance from IT Services. In addition, IT Services offer a website design service for units that do not want to undertake all the design work themselves. IT Services has website design resources available that will be able to understand your look and feel requirements and then setup the design of your site ready for you to load the content, for information on pricing, please see service charging. We also have established relationships with external digital design agencies for projects that are beyond the scope of our internal team.

For more information please email us at

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