Mosaic Release 2.0.22 - Release Notes

Version 2.0.22 of the Oxford Mosaic platform was released on 22 March 2018.

New features

  • Added four new item styles. Further information about the new item styles available in widget documentation:
    • For use in List listings:
      • Row without Separator - No image
      • Row with Separator - No image
    • For use in Grid listings:
      • Tile landscape - Square image
      • Tile landscape - No image
    • The 'No Image' item style variants allow you to create listings of filtered or selected content items without having to display the listing image that is attached to those items.
    • The 'Tile landscape - square' image item style has text to the right of the image instead of below it.
    • The 'Tile landscape' item styles contain checkboxes to allow you to output either the listing text or tertiary text of the item, or neither if you want a really minimal listing.
  • Added Tertiary text field to Person content type
  • Changed the style of the icons in the wysiwyg editor to look more like those used in MS Office.
  • Added ability to remove the Background image for individual pages
    • e.g. if you want to use a background image on all pages except the homepage 
    • To do this, select 'None' from the 'Manage background images' page
  • Updated the behaviour of the side navigation so that sub-menus contain a link to their parent menu item.

Bug fixes

  • None

Further information

  • Security updates were applied to Drupal, SSO login and the wysiwyg editor.