Mosaic Release - 3.0.19 Release Notes

Version 3.0.19 of the Oxford Mosaic platform was released on 20 June 2019.

New features

  • You can now configure whether the top bar displays in mobile view. It can be switched on or off from Site Settings > Header > Mobile Header and is switched on by default. For more information see Mosaic documentation: Header: Mobile Header: Double-height mobile header.
  • Primary and secondary header links used to be collapsed behind the ellipsis () and social share () icons respectively in small screen (mobile/tablet) view. They are now combined behind the ellipsis icon. They are still configured from Site Settings > Header > Primary Header Links and Site Settings > Header > Secondary Header Links.
  • You can now provide an alternative shorter title for your site, which can be used in the breadcrumb trail. The short title can be added from Site Settings > Site Details > Short site title.
  • The 'Home' link for your site's breadcrumb trail can now be set to be either the 'Home' icon (), the site's full title, or its short title (if provided). This can be configured from Site Settings > Navigation > Home link in breadcrumb.
  • The breadcrumbs, main navigation menu, and sidebar can now be set to display in uppercase. This can be configured from Site Settings > Navigation > Uppercase navigation.
  • The spacing under widget titles (and widget title links) is now relative to the size of the widget title text. This is part of current work to give the platform a more spacious look and feel.
  • SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) files can now be embedded in WYSIWYGs as images which will scale up and down as your browser window is resized. (SVG on the web: a practical guide)
  • When your site is viewed on smaller screens (including tablets and mobiles) the search bar has to move vertically to avoid colliding with the menu. The 'breakpoint' (screen size) at which this happens can now be configured to suit the size of your menu. For more information, see Mosaic documentation: Header: Search bar styles > Search breakpoint.
  • Restrictions on the dimensions of listing images have been removed (though a file size limit still applies).
  • The colour of the search box 'placeholder' text (e.g. 'Search this site') and its background can now be configured from Site Settings > Site Theme > Colour Management > Advanced > Header > Placeholder search text.
  • Your site's 'Access Denied' page can now be customised. This is the page which is shown to users when trying to view a page they are not entitled to see (e.g. trying to view an 'oxonly' page when not logged in via Single Sign-on). This can be configured from Site Settings > URLs and redirects > Custom 403 (Access denied) title/message.
  • You can now see a report of all the places where an item from the media library (e.g. an image or file) is referenced in other content; if you try to delete it when it is referenced from elsewhere, you will get a warning telling you which content will be affected. To see where an item is used, go to Manage Content > Files and follow the 'Show usages' link (in the 'Operations' column for each file).
  • In an Advanced Slideshow widget you can now make use of 'Card' item styles. For more details of widgets and item styles, see Mosaic documentation: Widgets overview: Visual impact widgets.

Bug fixes

  • We have removed the duplicate "id" attributes on advanced tab widgets, which were causing pages to be invalid HTML.
  • When images are replaced in an image field, the thumbnail is now correctly updated as well.
  • The font configuration for the 'Block Quote' WYSIWYG text formatting now displays correctly in the Advanced font settings (Site Settings > Site Theme > Font management > Advanced > Main WYSIWYG > Quote).
  • Various issues with the syncing of publications records from Symplectic have been fixed.
  • 'Oxford users' can now correctly view pages which have a published version and a draft in progress
  • It is now possible to edit and delete SVG files from Manage Content > Files.
  • We have fixed an intermittent issue where adding 'Selected' content to a widget sometimes gave 'invalid content' errors when valid content was selected.
  • Images are now mandatory for Banner and Slideshow widgets (unless no image style is used)

Further information

  • Various Drupal modules were updated