Mosaic Release - 3.2.8 Release Notes

Version 3.2.8 of the Oxford Mosaic platform was released on 6th February 2020.


  • The workflow has been updated for unpublishing pages which have a draft in progress: if the page is unpublished, the in-progress draft will now be kept as the active draft (previously the published version became the active draft and the in-progress work became an inactive revision). More information about content workflow:
  • Caching logic has been improved for site footers and files, ensuring that users will see the most up-to-date version of your pages and files. For more help with understanding caching, and troubleshooting issues with page updating, see our documentation:
  • We have improved the way Mosaic pages can be shared on social media platforms by adding meta tags (hidden tags which describe a page's content and structure) which will help ensure that the correct text and image are used in the preview for a shared link. 

Bug fixes

  • The option to disable reCAPTCHAs on forms has been removed.
  • URL redirects can no longer be put in place for essential system paths; this prevents site owners accidentally locking out access to their admin pages.
  • A bug has been fixed which prevented pages with static Slideshow widgets from saving properly in some circumstances. 
  • The default Home icon now displays correctly in 'sticky' headers.
  • Edits to titles and subtitles are now correctly reflected in pages when they are viewed via a Preview link.

Further information 

  • The process for synchronising Symplectic publications has been updated to accommodate new data structures in ORA (Oxford Research Archive). This ensures that links to ORA from items in Publications listing widgets will continue to work.
  • We have adjusted server memory limits to prevent the occurrence of "Temporarily Unavailable" notices appearing occasionally
  • Some Drupal modules have been updated.