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The Publications Listing widget in Mosaic draws publications metadata from Symplectic and outputs these results in a preset listing style.

The listing requires at least one SSO ID (of the publications' author) to be inputted for it to work. There are several configuration options for the widget, e.g.: filters for publication type; only show author's favourite publications (as identified in SE); display author/editor names in results; present the option for visitors to see more results and filtering options.

All of the information that is displayed in the results output is derived from the Symplectic record for the publication. If metadata fields in Symplectic, such as publication date, abstract, journal issue, etc. are populated, this information will be output in the Publications Listing. As a result, we recommend that sites which use the Publication Listing inform the authors whose publications are being displayed about the need to maintain their Symplectic records for the correct information to be output on the website.

Re: Symplectic changes being synced in the Publications listing - if Symplectic updates overnight, the changes should also be displayed in the Publications Listing the following day. If at any point you do notice a discrepancy between a record in Symplectic and the record as it appears in the Publications listing, you can force the listing to Sync with Symplectic using the option in the widget setup screen.

Re: making a Symplectic record invisible - if this is a configurable option in SE, it would be expected that choosing the option for a record would prevent it from displaying in the Publications Listing. If you set up a Publications Listing and notice records which have been set as invisible displaying in it, please let us know so we can look into it.

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Documentation of this item is in progress. In the meantime, please see our Pattern Book website or Help materials for other sources of information.


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