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The Publications Listing widget in Mosaic draws publications metadata from Symplectic Elements and outputs these results in a preset listing style. Support and documentation for Symplectic is available from Research Services

The listing requires at least one SSO ID (of the publications' author) to be inputted for it to work. All of the information that is displayed in the results output is derived from the Symplectic record for the publication. If metadata fields in Symplectic, such as publication date, abstract, journal issue, etc. are populated, this information will be output in the Publications Listing. As a result, we recommend that sites which use the Publications listing widget inform the authors whose publications are being displayed about the need to maintain their Symplectic records so that the correct information is output on the website.

publications listing ui

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Add a title which will display above the widget. This field is optional.

Enter one or more Single Sign-on IDs for authors whose publications you wish to display. Use commas to separate more than one SSO ID.


Selecting this option causes a 'More' button to display at the bottom of the widget:

Screenshot of Publications listing widget with 'More' button circled

Clicking this button takes the user to a page where a full Symplectic feed for the listed author(s) is displayed.

The colour of the 'More' button is controlled from Site Settings > Colour Management (Advanced) > Interface > Buttons.

[Where are 'favourites' flagged -- in Symplectic?]

If 'Only show favourites' is selected, another option 'Favourites filter persists on More page' is shown:

Screenshot of publications listing widget: 'favourites filter' options

This determines whether the 'More' page shows all publications, or just favourites. 

The publications displayed in the listing can be restricted to one or more publication types. The available publication types are:

  • Artefact
  • Book
  • Chapter
  • Composition
  • Conference paper
  • Dataset
  • Design
  • Exhibition
  • Figure
  • Fileset
  • Internet publication
  • Journal article
  • Media
  • Other
  • Patent
  • Performance
  • Poster
  • Presentation
  • Report
  • Scholarly edition
  • Software / Code
  • Thesis / Dissertation
  • Working paper

Create a listing of specific publication types

  1. enter the SSO ID(s) of the author(s) whose publications you want to list (see section 2)
  2. recommendation: next, decide whether to display the listing as a brief or full listing (see section 9), in this example we'll choose the 'full listing' option
  3. use the 'Filter by publication type(s)' field to choose the publication type(s) to filter the listing by, for example 'Working paper'
  4. decide whether to display authors and editors names in the listing items (recommended when results for multiple SSO IDs are listed) (see section 7)
  5. decide whether to show the filter options to visitors in an expanded or collapsed state (see section 8)
  6. save the settings

This allows you to set the maximum number of publications to display in the widget. This cannot be more than 100. 

This field is optional, but if it is left blank, no publications will display.

If this option is ticked, the author(s) and editor(s) for each publication as listed in Symplectic will display in the widget:

Screenshot of Publications listing widget with authors/editors showing

This setting also applies to the 'More' page, if shown. 

If this option is selected, the 'Filters' section of the 'More' page will be expanded by default when visited:

Screenshot of Publications listing widget 'More' page with 'Filters' section expanded

Display style

Publications Listings can be configured to display in two ways:

  • a brief list of the most recent publications.
    • You can provide visitors with an option to view a full listing (with filtering options available) by including a 'More' button. The 'More' button is displayed by default. See section 3 for more information
    • The number of publications displayed in the brief list can be set using the 'Number of publications to display' option. See section 6 for more information
  • a full listing of publications. This is the same full listing that can be viewed using the 'More' button on a brief list
    • Inlcudes filtering options to allow visitors to find relevant publications.
    • Displays a paginated view of the publications listing items: 25 results are displayed on each paginated view; the visitor can use the pagination controls to move between the paginated views of results

Margin and width options

  • Select 'top margin' to add a 32px margin to the top of the widget
  • Select 'bottom margin' to add a 32px margin to the bottom of the widget
  • Select 'full width' to allow the widget to take up the full width of the region in which it is placed

Mosaic reloads publications from Symplectic every two days. If Symplectic updates overnight, the changes should be displayed in the Publications listing widget the following day.

If at any point you do notice a discrepancy between a record in Symplectic and the record as it appears in the Publications listing, you can force the listing to Sync with Symplectic using the button at the bottom of the widget editing screen:

Screenshot of Publications listing widget 'Sync with Symplectic' button

If you still see discrepancies between Symplectic records and what appears in the widget, please contact the Mosaic team, giving details of which publications should or should not be appearing.

Hiding a Symplectic record

If a publication is marked as 'hidden' in Symplectic Elements, it should not display in the Publications listing widget. If you set up a Publications listing widget and notice records which should be 'hidden' displaying in it, please contact the Mosaic team so we can look into it.


When there are discrepancies between what appears in the Publications listing widget and what appears on the 'More' page this usually indicates that one or both have been cached in an out-of-date state.

Because the 'More' page is not an editable Mosaic page, it is unfortunately hard for site editors to update it if it is cached in an incorrect state. A workaround for this is to change the filter options (e.g. set or un-set the 'Filters section expanded on More page by default' option) and re-save the page; because these options are encoded in the URL for the More page, changing the options changes the URL, so users will be directed to the new uncached version. The old version will expire from the cache after 7 days, at which point you can change the filter options back if you want. 

If the listing in the widget is not updating there are more ways to try to re-sync this -- you can use the 'refresh live page' button to clear the page from the cache, and you can use the 'sync with Symplectic' button from the widget editing form to reload the feed of publications from Symplectic.

For information on how to configure which publications metadata sources are used to populate the results the listing widget provides, see the documentation for Site Settings: Publications.